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Have an Old Garage Door or Part That is Obsolete? We Can Help!

We’ve all been in this customer’s shoes. You purchase a replacement part for an older item in your home, then you come home to find that the part you purchased doesn’t fit. If it’s the dead of winter the last thing you want to deal with is doing repairs outside your house, so you leave the incorrect part in the garage until spring arrives. Luckily, in this case, Ankmar was able to come to the rescue and retrofit the part to fit the old door.   Read this customer’s story:

Customer Comments

I had to replace a garage door panel that I ruined when I backed a trailer into the door. I re-mailed Ankmar with photos of my door and they said they had a panel in stock. Went to their warehouse in Denver and picked up the new panel, which I learned is no longer manufactured, so I feel fortunate that Ankmar had a panel in stock! When I got the panel home I realized it was not a bottom panel, which I needed. Because it was dead of winter the replacement panel sat in my garage until spring. I took the panel back to Ankmar a few weeks ago and they made it into a bottom panel, with profound apologies (actually, I think I failed to tell them it was a bottom panel). Great service with great customer help! The lady that helped me was terrific! I would not hesitate to call Ankmar for future garage door issues.

-Bill H.

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